Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My Silent Hill Obsession

I love the Silent Hill games and love costume and prop making. Well before Halloween last year these two things came together naturally and I ended up constructing a Pyramid Head costume. Along the way I got the crazy idea in my head to build a small mini-set. The small set was based on a small section of hallway from a level on the game.

At first I was just going to paint everything onto plywood and leave it. After I finished painting a door on decided against that. The door would need to open at least.
Well, after cutting the door out, that wasn't good enough. So the door had to look even more and more realistic. The rest of the wall followed. I soon found the project getting larger than I had ever planned. The door was more and more detailed. The exit sign was made and could be lit up. The walls had the bumper guards on the sides and soon I was building a section of wall that included a boarded up window.

Here are some photos :)


After plenty of time and money had been spent it was finally finished.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Silent Hill film. Some small spoilers.

Well I waited for the Silent Hill film to be made and it was.

I watched the beginning and it was good.

Somewhere along the way it lost me though.

It wasn't a bad film. It didn't completely suck. It wasn't total garbage and it certainly wasn't 'Mortal Kombat'. Yes, thats a good thing.

The movie kept true to the games with the wonderfully run down and creepy sets to the freaky monsters and costumes. It lacked a lot of other things though. The film moved too fast. The monsters were basically cameo appearances and it felt like the entire thing was on 'easy' mode as the heroine ran past most of the monsters and got away from them with little trouble. All except for in two scenes.

There were no 'fighting to survive' moments and that to me made it boring. There were three moments that came close to it but over all they were too short as well.

It was as if they only scratched the surface and felt that that was good enough. The end 'boss' scene was rather cool and freaky though.

But sadly most of the film was 'Ohhh! Monster!!! -bang bang- -run run run- and mostly, honestly, just -run run run-. Only one type of monster appeared at any given time and when

The end decent into the domain of evil was also disappointing in that there were very few monsters in the lair of the source of the evil in the town. You would think that it would have been one of the most frightening scenes but it wasn't. Instead you get a pack of nurses that, for a moment, seem like they were a few years too late for auditioning for the 'Thriller' video.

Next up, my Silent Hill obsession.

What do bikes and Slumber party's have in common?

Nothing. Not a thing!

Okay. Where is this coming from?

Well I'm at work, putting together bikes. I finish one and go to the next one that needs to be built. I open up the box and start removing the protective cardboard coverings from the bike frame and


the bikes name?


How that makes even any remote ounce of sense I'm not sure. Does the thing have autopilot? Can you pillow fight while riding it?

I can see it all now. A new X-Games event. The pillow fighting bike challenge!

It was truely a 'WTF?!' moment.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I'm back!

Well, I'm back on blogger.com. A while ago I signed up and got a myspace account. Truthfully I don't even remember when I signed up for it. It's been months. Anyway it's a decent site but I like the customization blogger.com offers. I also like that I don't have some dumb message being left on "My Bulletin Space".

I honestly don't care to read messages like "I'm bored, someone talk to me." or other useless facts. I never really used myspace.com except to post a single profile pic and message some friends from a Goonies website forum.

So here I am back at blogger.com. Why? Not quiet sure. Guess I just have a bit more to go on about lately.

Lets start with the newest, yet not most exciting news. Started working at good old Wal-Mart today. Now, now, if you're a Wal-Mart mangager reading this hoping to find out exactly who I am and have me fired for talking bad about the store on here you'll be disappointed. So far it's been a good experience. It was my first day though so.. we'll see how it goes. Hopefully it'll all work out just fine but we all know every job has it's annoying aspects to it.

So I survived the first day at good ol' Wally World. A day full of filling out forms and watching informative but amazingly boring training and inspirational videos.

Even the guy talking to us (a manager no less) joked about the videos being 'fun' after we had watched them. So far so good though really. I honestly doubt and don't want to make this a life long career. Nothing wrong with that but it's not for me. While I'm there though I'll do my job to the best of my ability and see how far it goes. It would be nice to eventually use my Associates Degree in Graphic Design, maybe go back to school and head for a Bachelor's degree or something. I just know I can't do the Wal-Mart thing for the rest of my life until I end up a people greeter.